Dijital (Sessiz) Piyano Manuel Raymond MRP688BK

TükendiDijital (Sessiz) Piyano Manuel Raymond MRP688BK

Dijital (Silent) Piyano Manuel Raymond MRP688BK


Gösterge:LCD Ekran.


Tuşlar:88 Tuş; Tuş hassasiyeti özelliği taşıyan, orjinal piyano tuş ebatlarında tuştakımı.
PEDAL : 3 

Enstrüman Ses:128 GM sabit enstrüman ses seneği. 8 çeşit folk müzik ve 2 grup perküsyon tuştakım seçeneği.

Stil:118 çeşit mükemmel otomatik akor akompaniman seçeneği.

Demo:31 çeşit değişik tarzda demo.

Efekt Kontrol: Touch, Reverb, Chorus, Dual, Keyboard Split.

Kayıt: Düz kayıt, Audio Track 1, Audio Track 2, Akompaniman Track, Play Back.

Akompaniman Kontrol: Giriş/Bitiş, Sync, Davul Atağı 1(Fill-in1), Davul Atağı 2(Fillin2), Başlatma/Durdurma.

Akor Kontrol: Tek tuş (Single Finger), Çoklu Tuş (Fingered ), Tam kapasite akor (Full Range Chord), Akor Kapama (Chord Close).

Hafıza Kayıt: 4 ayrı hafıza grubu, nota ve partisyon kayıt özelliği, ses efekt kaydı,akompaniman veri kaydı.

Hafıza Durumu: Kayıt, M1, M2, M3, Hafıza Bankası.

Diğer Kontrol Düğmeleri: Açma Kapama anahtarı, Genel Ses (Master Volume), Akompaniman Ses (Accompaniment Volume), Metronom, Tempo.

Harici Özellikler ve Bağlantılar: MIDI giriş/çıkış, Güç Kaynağı girişi (power jack),


Çıkışlar : MIDI IN/OUT jak, Kulaklık Çıkışı, MP3 jak, USB MIDI jak, Pedal çıkışı.


Pedal: Pianssimo Pedal, Sustenuto Pedal, Sustain Pedal.


Güç: AC220V, 50HZ

Çıkış gücü: 40W+40W

Ürünün paketli halindeki ölçüleri: 
Piyano bir büyük koli halinde demonte paketlenmiştir. 
Paketli kolinin ölçüleri (En x Boy x Yükseklik) = 152.80 x 65.80 x 42 cm

Ürünün paketli halindeki ağırlığı:  59 Kg
Net Ağırlık : 52 Kg

Ürünün İngilizce Özellikleri : 

Manuel Raymond 88 Key Electric MIDI Keyboard Piano with 2 Pedals
The Manuel Raymond 88 key piano is a full, electronic keyboard that offers experienced musicians a serious platform for composing, improvising and performing.

The Manuel Raymond 88 key piano features touch-sensitive keys, allowing you to give an emotional performance. 138 different instrument voices and 118 pre-installed rhythms give a huge range of sounds, while the 31 demo songs even let you turn the melodies off so that you can play along or improvise. The selections are made easily by using the 1.6" (4cm) dial. Three memory banks can be utilised to save your favourite instruments and rhythms, allowing them to be activated without having to search for the selection number.

Two pedals lie at your feet, for pianissimo use and damping. The pianissimo pedal changes the volume of the notes played, while the damping pedal shortens the duration of the tone.
The Manuel Raymond 88 key piano has an automatic accompaniment with single and finger chords. The dual function permits two instrument voices to be heard with every keystroke, or the keyboard can be split so that two instruments can play together. The Manuel Raymond 88 key e-piano also features switchable effects such as reverb and chorus, and an integrated recording function for capturing song ideas.
The line output can connect to a hi-fi or PA system in order to amplify the sound for larger performances, or to connect to an external recording device. An AUX input allows the easy integration of external audio sources such as CD or MP3 players to provide a wider range of music choices. Additionally, the Manuel Raymond 88 key piano features a MIDI output to transfer the MIDI data to sequencing software, external effects units and samplers, while the MIDI input can be used for piano sound modules, for example.
With the digital support of three different learning functions, the Manuel Raymond 88 key piano enables virtuosos, as well as their offspring, to get a first-class musical education.
A headphone jack on the underside of the piano enables you to play music deep into the night without disturbing your housemates or neighbours, and allows you to concentrate without being disturbed by unwanted background noise.

Installation and mounting are made simple by the well-illustrated manual, and can be done in as little as 15 minutes, depending on your level of skill. The pre-assembled music stand is ideal for scores with a size of 22.4" by 7.7" (57 x 19.5cm) and features a non-slip barrier. In times of rest, the keyboard can be protected by the wooden sliding cover.

The stylish black finish with wood grain will be a highlight in every music room.
ATTENTION: Delivery of the piano has two parcels, weighing approximately 37.4 pounds (17kg) and 85.8 pounds (39kg). Please note that the piano is not dismantled. We recommend using two people to install the piano keyboard.

Electronic MIDI piano with 7¼ octaves
88 keys
138 instruments, 118 built-in rhythms, 31 demo songs
Large, multi-line LCD display
Two pedals - pianissimo and damper
Internal memory for recording - 2 tracks
Music stand and keyboard cover
Connections: 1 x connection for pedals, 1 x 6.3mm jack AUX input, 1 x MIDI input,

Line out,MIDI IN/OUT jack,headphone output,

MP3 jack, USB MIDIjack

Instrument, rhythm, and demo song choice via number selection or dial
Reverb on / off switch
Chorus on / off switch - polyphonic instrument reproduction
Dual function
Keyboard split
Transposition - raise or lower the pitch
Touch sensitivity adjustable in 3 steps
Adjustable tuning
3 presets for quick access to favourite instruments and rhythms
2 rhythmic transitions with intro/outro function
Three learning modes: single key mode; sequel mode; full playback mode
Auto accompaniment - single, finger and total chord
Disconnectable melodies on demo songs - free play possible
Switchable metronome
Adjustable tempo - between 30 - 280 BPM
Power button
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz with power cable
1 x Piano
1 x Pedal
2 x Side panels
1 x Back panel
Mounting materials
1 x Turkish and 1 x English user manual

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Manuel Raymond Dijital (Sessiz) Piyano Manuel Raymond MRP688BK

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